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Converting Products You Purchase Everyday to Donations

Our Products

We select premium quality products you use in your home and office everyday. Switch your purchases and know you are lifting a person, a family and your community out of a desperate situation.

Your Donations

Your purchases trigger a donation, up to 25%, from Roaring Planet to the charity you select. Make sure you select monthly shipments so your donation continues every month.

People Power

You can be one of the many kind people switching to one of our Café’s providing thousands of dollars to kids, teens, adults, seniors, veterans and many other neighbors in need.

Sponsor a Café

With your sponsorship, you become a vital part of a community-driven mission, a beacon of light in someone’s darkest hour, and a catalyst for life-saving initiatives.  Join hands with your favorite charity today and sponsor their online cafe, because together, we can change the world, one cup of coffee at a time.


You Can Make A Difference

THE POWER OF 1 – YOU will make a difference!

The average American spends over $90 per month on coffee. Switch to one of our great blends and know you are contributing financially to a great cause helping others in need.

Shop for yourself, purchase a gift for family and friends and don’t forget to get your office to buy.

Shop Any of Our Café's

Your purchases contribute cash to support charities in our communities. Below is a list of our most popular café’s.

Providing opportunities and resources to children in need to


Cherry Creek Bruins Football When you buy Magnus Premium Coffee for your home or office, 25% of every purchase will go towards helping offset the costs for our players and their families.
Cherry Creek football –
home to the 6A State Champions four years running!

Join us Sundays. Gatherings begin with a fellowship meal @ 9:30am and end with the Lord’s Supper.

We’re dedicated to


At SERVPRO Team Olson we are dedicated to giving back to our team and our communities.

We partnered with Roaring Planet Corp to create a program where we can give back every day with every cup of coffee we drink.

We thank you for joining with us to enjoy our great coffee.

Provide Medical Supplies

Named for Blessed Father Miguel Pro, a Jesuit priest who courageously spread the Catholic faith in Mexico, this new Catholic Academy seeks to form its students using his witness of faith and discipleship as a guide. Educating students through the lens of a Catholic worldview is at the heart of the school’s mission.

Does Your Organization Need More?

Roaring Planet Corp provides turnkey solutions to non-profit organizatons through eCommerce that can substantially increase volunters, sponsors, and donors.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer- you can still play a pivotal part to improve the lives of others. Project Helping supports mental health for all ages making their lives and family relationships, while enhancing their contributions to our communities.

Our Do Good Coffee online Café makes it easy for your to contribute. Simply purchase our great coffee and a percentage of your purchase is donated to help others. You are contributing with every cup you drink.

We are a family. Machebeuf has a strong legacy of educating students in a Catholic environment to pursue their goal and God-given talents in the areas of post-secondary education, the military, religious life and trades. We have one of the richest, most diverse student populations of any Catholic high school in the state of Colorado and we joyfully celebrate that diversity. We are proud of our tradition and our legacy.

Roaring Planet’s flagship brand – Magnus Premium Coffee is great coffee with the perfect aroma and flavor.

We care as much about other people and our planet as we do about our coffee. A percent of every purchase goes to great charities helping those in need.

At cf&co, everything we do begins with the art – and our coffee follows this tradition. Beginning with the bags themselves – the labels are actual designs from original works re-imagined to convey our coffee styles.

The Barbara Davis Center is a world-class facility providing care for adult and pediatric patients and families affected by type 1 diabetes. The Children’s Diabetes Foundation raises funds to support their innovative research, outstanding patient care, as well as important education and support programs to help those living with diabetes.

Provide Medical Supplies

Digital Marketing Works

When you want real results from your digital marketing dollars, consider outsourcing your campaigns to Roaring Planet.

The Official Coffee for the University of Colorado support RALPHIE!

The Ralphie Program is 100% funded by the generosity of our donors and fans! Ralphie has been a mainstay for over 50 years, leading our football team on the field and being the icon of CU!


Help Our Youth

DONATE TODAY – with your purchase TODAY!

….As you help someone or give a gift, your brain secretes “feel good” chemicals…

Cleveland Clinic

How We Help Non Profit Organizations Succeed


Traditional fund-raising programs (gala’s, luncheon’s, golf tournaments, etc.) are successful but are also human intensive and subject to external challenges like the weather and pandemics. eCommerce opens new ways to raise funds without those risks.

With our 100% turnkey eCommerce café’s, your fully branded online store generates new opportunities for fund-raising. Fill your café with our premium quality products plus we can add your products (hats, shirts, etc.) as well as products from your sponsors, donors, and patrons.

We create and manage your café 24 x 7. We support the customers and the technology so you can focus on the great idea’s you already have.

eCommerce Donations

eCommerce extends your reach to new donors you simply can’t reach by hiring more staff. With our help we can create substantial recurring income to supplament your existing efforts.

Expanded Marketing

Marketing in today’s digital world is so much more than social media posts about your past or next event. Your marketing investment tells a story about your activities but not your successes.

We expand your marketing efforts focused on increasing participation from volunteers, sponsors, and donors. Our resources supplement and augment your business development delivering your message to a much larger audience. You can leverage our experience with multiple non-profits avoiding what doesn’t work and focus on what does.

We only accept projects that can expect to generate a 1X short term and 5X+ ongoing.

Digital Marketing services include: Manage your Google Grants; email marketing; website refresh; Search Engine Optimization (SEO), search engine and social media advertising; fund-raising campaign management; and more.

See how our Krazy Kood KCUPS are better

Create repeat donations through eCommerce