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Whats the Delight Guarantee?  
If you don't love our blends, for any reason, send them back and we'll replace them at no charge. We want to find the coffee blend that best fits you. If you are still not delighted after we replace your product, we will issue a full refund for the products that did not meet your expectation.
What is your darkest roast?  
Are your K-cups Keurig 2.0 compatible?  
What is exactly biodegradable? Every part of the K cup?  
How do I sign up my company to become a wholesale member?  
As a member, when do I get paid?  
How does my membership renew?  
What is an autoship order? How do I set one up?  
When will my coffee get here? How do I track my order?  
Where do you ship your products?  
What blends do you offer?  
What forms of coffee do you offer?  
Who is your roaster?  
What are the origins of your coffee beans?  
Do you have Decaffeinated Coffee?  
Do you have Flavored Coffee?  
Do your cups work in the Keurig Vue Machine?  
Is all of your packaging either recyclable or biodegradable?  
How much coffee do I need? How much should I order?  
Under which certifications do your products qualify as organic?  
Membership Questions  
How do I reset my password?  
Do you ship to other countries besides the US?  
When I become a member, how long do I have to stay a member?  
Is there an early termination fee?  
Do I have to buy coffee from a member?  
What’s the difference between becoming a Wholesale Pricing Membership and the Office Coffee?  
Can I still receive member benefits if I don't renew my membership?  
How do I pick my personal webpage name? URL? What should it be? Can I change it?  
Why do you need my Social Security Number when I enroll as a member?  
Membership/Compensation Perks  
What are the benefits of membership?  
How much can members make on product sales through their site?  
How do I return/exchange coffee if I don't like it?  
How do I know if my payment method was processed?  
When will my credit/debit card be charged?  
What payment methods do you accept?  
What special pricing and deals are offered?  
Why are there so many security questions?  
Returns? Refunds? Exchanges?  
My credit card address matches the billing address. Why is there a box asking me to make sure it matches?  
When are orders processed?  
Why do you charge for shipping?  
Why are shipping costs so high?  
How easy is it to cancel a convenience order?  
What if I go on vacation for my convenience order?  
What are your different shipping methods?  
What if my order isn't quite right?  
Do you ship beyond the US?  
Is autoship more expensive?  
Returns? Refunds? Exchanges?  
Do you offer gift packaging or gift receipts?  
Do you need to be a member to have shipments delivered on a monthly autoship?  
How do you decide what non-profits to support?  
How are non-profits paid and how are their commissions calculated?  
Do you have a list of the current non-profits you work with?  
What to help your non-profit orgranization? Email us at: shareprofits@gomagnus.club  
Why is your website roaringplanet.com ?  
I am a Member.  How do order coffee?  
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