Be Cool. Be Different. Be Magnus.

Cool Taste

Everyone tells us our coffee is some of the best they’ve ever tasted; from our whole bean and ground, but especially our single pod cups! Here’s why: In addition to using a combination of meticulously roasted beans from regions far and wide, we’ve reinvented the way our single pod cups brew your favorite morning beverage! We’ve replaced the popular “plastic single pod cups” with a patented package that looks like a coffee filter and brews like a French press.  That way, you get the aroma, richness, and freshness you love in every cup you brew!

Cool Package

At Magnus Premium Coffee, we believe that this is the only planet we have, so we’ve made it our mission to take care of it. People love the convenience of the single pod coffee, but can’t stand the pollution the plastic cups are creating in our oceans and landfills around the globe.  At Magnus Coffee, every K-Cup is 100% recyclable with the lid on and coffee in the cup! We also use bio-degradable packaging for our bags and boxes for all of our Magnus Coffee products!

Cool Heart

Our heart is anything but cool. When we launched the company, one of the biggest priorities for Magnus Coffee was to create ways to give back a piece of our profits for every bag of coffee we sell.  Today, we are proud to support dozens of Non-Profit organizations around the country who have decided to partner with Magnus Premium Coffee to help with their fundraising initiatives. We believe that the best way to do well as a company is to do good by others!

Cool Program

wanna cool way to benefit from your coffee addiction? (or Wanna turn your coffee addiction into a good thing?) Magnus Premium Coffee wants to share our success with our best customers. And we know the best way to promote our business is for people to hear it directly from you.  As a member, we’ve created a cool program that allows you to buy our coffee at a discount, and if you want to, profit from referrals. This starts with your own online store!