Whats the Delight Guarantee?

If you don’t love our blends, for any reason, send them back and we’ll replace them at no charge. We want to find the coffee blend that best fits you. If you are still not delighted after we replace your product, we will issue a full refund for the products that did not meet your expectation.

What is your darkest roast?

Our Dark European is a dark roast coffee.

Are your K-cups Keurig 2.0 compatible?

Yes, our K-Cups work in Keurig Brewers including 2.0 machines, as well as other brands of K-cup brewers.

What is exactly biodegradable? Every part of the K cup?

Yes, every part of our K cups are either biodegradable or recyclable – depending on which packaging type you order. The cup, filter, lid, and the coffee inside. Just drop it in the recycle bin or trash can – depending on which K-Cup option you choose when you order.

How do I sign up my company to become a wholesale member?

It’s the same as an individual member, only instead of Instead of a SSN, you will enter your company’s EIN with key contact person information and the company name.

As a member, when do I get paid?

Commissions are earned on every sale that you have on your website. Once you accrue $25 or more, you will be issued a commissions check. Accrued funds will carry over each month until that $25 minimum level is reached. If you reach it each month, you will get paid each month.

How does my membership renew?

You will be notified prior to the end of your 1-year membership term. It will automatically charge the card you have on file with us. You may update that card or cancel your renewal anytime prior to that annual renewal date.

What is an autoship order? How do I set one up?

A convenience order is an order that automatically ships each month so you never run out of coffee! Your credit card will be billed each month when your order ships. It can be cancelled or changed at any time, to best meet your needs.
If you’d like to set one up, and you are a member, log into your site, click on “My Back Office”, and go to “Add/Edit Autoship”. Follow the prompts from there.
If you are a regular shopper, “Shop Now”, then “Click to View” the item you’d like to ship automatically. Then click on “Autoship”. You will be prompted to set up an account with monthly billing and shipping information.
Need additional help? Contact us, and we’ll make it easy for you!

When will my coffee get here? How do I track my order?

Orders are sent using either UPS, USPS or FedEx. Each shipping method has an identified delivery expectation. You will be able to track the order with the provided tracking number.

Where do you ship your products?

We ship to any valid US, or Canadian address, reached by USPS, UPS or FedEx.

What blends do you offer?

We offer four blends: Revelation Blend (Med roast), The Dark European (Dark roast), Hazelnut 3.0, and The Righteous Deceiver Decaf (Med Roast).

What forms of coffee do you offer?

We offer our coffee blends in four forms: Ground, Whole Bean, K-Cup and pre-portioned, per-pot ground. Our K-Cups are offered in either Recyclable or Biodegradable pods.

Who is your roaster?

Sam Boyer is our coffee roaster who has, over his twenty year career, traveled the world buying and creating the well known coffees for millions of coffee lovers. He co-founded the Magnus Premium Coffee Brand. He also was one of the founders of Brothers Gourmet Coffee.

What are the origins of your coffee beans?

Our current offerings are beans from Burundi and Peru. They’re Organically Grown and certified Fair Trade.

Do you have Decaffeinated Coffee?

Yes, we have a Swiss Water Processed decaffeinated coffee that’s produced without the harmful chemicals so often used to make decaf today.

Do you have Flavored Coffee?

Yes, our Hazelnut 3.0 is our flavored coffee.

Do your cups work in the Keurig Vue Machine?

No, at this time we do not offer products that work in the Keurig Vue machine.

Is all of your packaging either recyclable or biodegradable?

Yes, everything that is associated with Magnus Premium coffee is either fully recyclable, or biodegradable and is clearly marked as such. Our customers can choose either 100% recyclable (the whole K-Cup with the coffee in it) or 100% biodegradable K-Cups. The rest of our packaging, for whole bean and/or ground is 100% biodegradable.

How much coffee do I need? How much should I order?

That will partly depend on your personal tastes. Our K-Cup coffee comes in 10-cups bags. Our whole bean coffee comes in a 12oz. bag. Our ground coffee comes either in a 12oz. bag, or pre-portioned 2.5oz. packets.

Under which certifications do your products qualify as organic?

All of our products are certified Organically Grown.