Here’s How Non-profits Raise Money by People Drinking Magnus Premium Coffee


Register your Non-Profit Today and you’ll receive a personalized link


Share with your students, supporters, or non-profit members who want to help you raise money.


Every time someone purchases coffee from these links, your organization raises money!

It’s that simple! 

And…as the non-profit organizer you can log into the dashboard and see how much you have raised at any time.

For students and non-profit members, they too can log into their own page and see how much coffee their friends and family have purchased.

If you have an organization that is important to you, and need a customized program to create more dollars for your cause, speak with our corporate representative and let us create a program that fits your needs.

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Roaring Planet has created a way to give back to our Members and our communities. Through our profit sharing, we want to help not just one worthy cause, but as many as possible, to fund the important work that they do! We have created an on-going program that will continue to pay the organization in the years to come because, let’s face it, funding needs never end, and people will continue to drink coffee forever! So your non-profit will continue to raise money …forever!