Coffee For a Cause


This café, committed to offering exceptional coffee, is envisioned as a dedicated fundraising platform for the charity of your choice. With a heartwarming display of corporate generosity, your organization has the opportunity to sponsor the setup fee for this online café, thereby embarking on a noble mission. By doing so, you will be removing a significant financial barrier, enabling this charitable endeavor to flourish and channel more resources towards its core mission. Moreover, through the daily sales of products to consumers and businesses, this café will generate recurring donations, creating a sustainable support system for the charity you hold dear. Each sip of coffee sold not only brings delight to the consumer but also hope and support to the community served by your chosen charity, showcasing the profound impact of thoughtful collaborations.


Online Cafe

Personalized, Custom Online Café

Your very own café is the first step to long-lasting, recurring donations from your supporters. The traditional concept of fundraising events is expensive and time consuming. As we all experienced during COVID-19, we realize there are outside influences, other than the weather, that can disrupt the best designed plans for physical events.

Join the millions of organizations selling products and services online gives you the comfort and peace of mind that your organization can survive with online donations and commerce. Selling products online, especially with monthly subscription orders, is the right way to develop new income for your organization.

Your Online Café Includes:

  • Custom developed online café (store)
  • Designed to match your existing website
  • Fully functional eCommerce capabilities
  • Select 1-6 premium coffee blends from 25+
  • Coffee is available in ground, whole bean, and eco-friendly KCUPS
  • Coffee packaging is eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • Uniquely design labels for your coffee
  • Secure payment processing
  • Complete customer support - email and toll free telephone
  • Order processing, distribution, and shipping
  • Regular reports on website activity and orders
  • Quarterly donations based on the sales from your cafe
  • Free hosting forever as long as coffee sales exceed $1,000 per month

Learn more about Cafe Partners to engage your sponsors and donors.

Also available as a monthly subscription