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Team Full Gorilla is so happy to have found an amazing local partner with Magnus Premium Coffee. If you are a coffee drinker (or know any coffee drinkers) please support Team Full Gorilla by purchasing a few bags of coffee for your home and/or office. 25% of your total order will be donated directly to Team Full Gorilla. Together we will enable Team Full Gorilla to realize their vision – ensuring a prosperous and successful future for all of our athletes. Our goal is to position Team Full Gorilla as the gold standard of 7v7 football, fitness, training, education, entertainment, positive community service, and college recruiting.

Team Full Gorilla and their partner, Magnus Premium Coffee make their products available in ALL coffee forms. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of single-serve coffee, or make a pot for your home or office, or would rather grind your own whole bean coffee, Magnus has it available in 100% eco-friendly packaging and four delicious flavors.

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Revelation Blend
This medium roast brings back the magnificent qualities of one of the world’s oldest blends. Revelation is a wonderfully balanced, ultra-smooth, bright coffee made with high- grown Peruvian and Burundian beans for a taste that’s super clean. It is so drinkable that many creamin- their-coffee drinkers enjoy it naked.
The Dark European
If you drink dark coffee, you want full bodied, thick, rich taste in your cup. You get that and a delightful, smoky, earthy Peruvian/Burundian blend with The Dark European. It gives you the depth you love and a clean taste that will tempt you cup after cup.
The Righteous Deceiver
Most decaf coffee drinkers compromise taste and purity to avoid caffeine. We challenge you to find a richer decaf without the horrible chemicals that are used in the industry. We take high-grown Peruvian beans through a Swiss Water Process for a pure, real, rich taste – without the chemicals – so you can enjoy coffee after dinner again!
Ever notice how good hazelnut coffee smells, but the taste becomes overpowering?
Ours has an incredible nose but delivers only a delicate hint of hazelnut – it doesn’t lay on your tongue after you put your cup down. Instead, it’s a super-balanced, enticing cup of complexity from smooth, creamy Columbian beans – it’ll delight your senses.